Initiative Analysis to Enter into Potential and Restricted Market: Small, Medium and Largest Enterprises Having Chance into a Virgin Market: Latin American (CELAC) and China (Practical, China Case)

  •  Rick S.    


It has been argued that the Chinese market is a potential consumer of overseas products, and several documents
identify the opportunities and risks that the Chinese market also represents. Nevertheless, on one hand, it
Commercial Cluster Integration Initiative would create more opportunities for Latin American economies
(review the formula that clarifies how the Chinese market operates their strategic prices, Chapter 1, Prices
Equation) to follow up as example.On other hand, the CELAC could benefit from more opportunities with the
Chinese internal market and at the same time these countries would increase their economies. In this way,
LAC–Latin American Countries could reduce its unemployment rate.
This study will look at the feasibility of a Commercial Cluster Platform CCP–Commercial Cluster Platform
between LAC countries to work freely at internal Chinese market. The formulated research question will explore
the various advantages and measures to manage SEN–Strategic Enterprise Networking.
This dissertation evaluates the possibility of management LACI–Latin American Commercial Integration; to
reach a common free agreement as part of the Chinese approach to new preferential trade agreements
characterized by the term competitive liberalization. It bases on the idea that competition among large countries
(US/EU) in negotiating preferential arrangements with smaller countries or regions will lower barriers, and
eventually add fresh impulse to new multilateral WTO negotiations.

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