The Significance of International Corporate Governance Disclosure on Financial Reporting in Nigeria

  •  Beredugo Biobele    
  •  Igbeng Igbo    
  •  Eze John    


The adjudication for International corporate governance disclosure framework, such as, the International
Standard of Accounting and Reporting (ISAR), has assumed a state of relevance between local and international
markets participants, to circumvent the encumbrances of incomparable corporate governance disclosures despite
the integrations of commercial activities around the world. The study, therefore, examined the significance of
international corporate governance disclosures on financial reporting in Nigeria. Content analysis design was
adopted, while population t-test and multiple regressions were used for hypothetical tests. It was however
discovered that, International Corporate Governance disclosures significantly affects companies’ total assets and
profitability, and that, Nigerian Banks report more than half the ISAR requirements, but was done
indiscriminately. It is therefore recommended that, relevant codes of corporate governance in Nigeria be
upgraded to reflect international specifications and the remiss of good governance be done away with, if we must
achieve anti-corruption and investment drive. ISAR should be adopted and sanctions meted for non-compliance.
Where this is done, organizations will have access to capital from international stock market and expansion of
their business across boundaries. This will eventually breed economic viable Nigeria, free off corruption, and the
actualization of the rebranding Nigeria ideology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.