Relationship between Entrepreneurial Personality, Performance, Job Satisfaction and Operations Strategy: An Empirical Examination

  •  Atul Gupta    
  •  Sharon Muita    


The goal of this research paper is to study the possible interactions between operations strategy and
entrepreneurial traits, performance and job satisfaction. This empirical paper used a non-experimental design to
test a proposed model based on a review of relevant literature. The study was conducted with 1200 SMEs in the
Lynchburg City region using an administered survey instrument. The results of this study indicate that
entrepreneurial personality has statistically significant relationship with Performance and Operations Strategy.
The relationship between entrepreneurial personality and Job Satisfaction was not statistically significant.
Operations strategy has statistically significant moderating role in the relationship between entrepreneurial
personality and performance. The research framework offers a different way forward for both practitioners and
academicians in thinking about the factors which may be critical for the success of SMEs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.