Powdered Milk Consumers’ Buying Behavior

  •  Luu Tuan    
  •  Nguyen Phuong    
  •  Luu Ngoc    
  •  Luu Mai    


Following the storm of melamine in milk and lower protein milk index than the published standard, consumers
are more and more cautious when they choose powdered milk for their children. More especially, the
Vietnamese prefer to buy imported powdered milk rather than domestic powdered milk. Accordingly, this
research is conducted to investigate which factors influence consumer-buying behavior toward imported milk
powdered in Ho Chi Minh City through a quantitative survey of 110 consumers. Through multiple regression
analysis, the findings indicate that product brand, advertisement, and country of origin are significant predictors
of consumer-buying behaviors towards imported powdered milk. Sponsorship turned out to be insignificant
factor in predicting the dependent variable. Among demographic characteristics only income was found to affect
the consumer-buying behavior.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.