The Impact of Perceived Risks on the Consumer Resistance towards Generic Drugs in the Malaysia Pharmaceutical Industry

  •  Anas Abzakh    
  •  Kwek Ling    
  •  Khaled Alkilani    


The objective presented in this study was to evaluate the relationship between the dimensions of perceived risk
(financial risk, performance risk-technology, performance risk-infrastructure, physical risk, time risk, social risk,
and psychological risk) and consumer resistance towards generic drug in Malaysia. A study on consumers who
resist generic drugs usage by purchasing the branded drugs over the counters was undertaken through the usage
of self-administered questionnaire survey. Seven hypotheses were developed based on the proposed conceptual
framework. In total, 456 branded drug users were surveyed in one of the private pharmaceutical providers that
allocated in Klang Valley. Samples were drawn based on convenience sampling technique and multiple
regression analysis will be used as statistical technique to empirical testing the tested hypotheses.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.