Corporate Ethical and Social Responsibility and Relationship Marketing: A Content Analysis of the Websites of Moroccan Commercial Banks

  •  Meryem El Alaoui Amine    
  •  Abdellatif Chakor    
  •  Anass Alaoui    


The purpose of this work is to determine the role of relationship marketing in the success of the corporate ethical
and social responsibility (CESR) by taking the case of Moroccan commercial banks. For this, we were used, as
working methodology, the content analysis of the information published on the websites of Moroccan banks and
the multiple regression model. The main results of this work is that ethics is used by banks to manage its
relationships with internal stakeholders, while CSR support the actions of ethics internally and acts externally
through the management of the bank relations with the environment, society and customers. This approach is
reinforced by relationship marketing, which through its tools and dimensions (communication, commitment,
trust and satisfaction) participates in the effective management of the relationships between banks and their
internal and external stakeholders

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.