Hybrid Strategy: A New Strategy for Competitive Advantage

  •  Mas Bambang Baroto    
  •  Muhammad Madi Bin Abdullah    
  •  Hooi Lai Wan    


Both strategic management researchers and practitioners have realized the importance of cost and differentiation
strategies for effective organizational performance and excellence. Recently many large enterprises/corporations
have been applying both strategies simultaneously, rather than applying a single strategy at one period of time.
The implementations of the three strategies are commonly used by the big corporations involved in domestic,
regional, international and global business. This article has three bases of data analyses; the first is a review of
related literature, the second is case analysis and the third is the result of field interviews with a giant home
appliance manufacturer in Malaysia. Thus, the principal aim of this article is to provide evidence that the hybrid
strategy (both cost leadership and differentiation strategy) has been implemented by companies throughout the

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