Conceptual Knowledge Approach to Operational Risk Management (A Case Study)

  •  Ali Hadi Jebrin    
  •  Abdalla Jamil Abu-Salma    


This research provides a knowledge conceptual approach to Operational Risk Management, in attempt to explore
the scientific bases of the theoretical and practical concerns. The content of this effort is intended to establish a
new approach to operations management to be set as a role model for researchers, and particularly the scientific
research teams to keep pace with related companies and organizations. the researchers hypothesized that, The
risk is the power should be taken into account in the industry. Secondly, Risk Management by its characteristics,
is an important approach to the decisions and operation of the top management. It is an inclusive process with all
other activities of the whole company. “Performance, scheduling, cost and product life-cycle”. Thirdly, Risk
Management has two main basic building blocks: The organizing of the operations and the
knowledge-associated support system (Decision Support System).
This research also aims to teach the organizations a method to detect and process the data and information by
the Risk Memory tool, through their epistemological networks which are connected by Decision Support System
within the framework and the aims of the organization (Theory-In-Use).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.