Impact of Information Technology on Management Control at Al Bashir Public Hospital: A Case Study of Jordan

  •  Hasan Salih Suliman Al-Qudah    
  •  Abdalelah Saif Aldeen Saaty    
  •  Ameen Ahmad Mahboub Al-Momani    


Background: Information now owned by business organizations of all kinds' forms new edge of new civilized
Organization as it emerges its new theme of open horizon. The importance of modern information systems had
aspired all excusive to depend on this technology, management information system there for we rely on it as a"
processing preparation to flourish the directors with all needed information so as to assist him in making accurate
decisions and achieving Hospitals goals".
Methods and Results: The study aimed to measure role of information systems in management control at
AL-Bashir Public hospital. The study included a group of 70 questionnaire staff administrators' questions and
had distributed it randomly on a sample of population study, 61 have been subjected to statistical analysis
questionnaire at a rate of 87% of the population of the study. And using the program of (SPSS) package to
extract results statistical analysis the members response of study sample, the researcher reached to a significant
effect of the components of information systems to management control at Al Bashir hospital.
In the light of theoretical studies and statistical analysis of this study sample reached the following conclusion:
1) This research found that the level of software in hospital is high and available.
2) As of the results are concerned the physical dimension of computer sub-parts is of more important in
terms of relatively level compared with other sub-dimensions of role of information systems in
management control, and followed then with sub-networks of local and national levels.
The study also concluded also many recommendations as obvious that hospital directors shall execute many
training courses to enable the process of control connotation among staff members, and other growth segments in
the field of information systems and mere latest technology at this topic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.