What Drives Green Restaurant Patronage Intention?

  •  Booi-Chen Tan    
  •  Peik-Foong Yeap    


The trends of corporate social responsibility and sustainability drive many firms to adopt green marketing
practices through the development of products and services targeted to meet the demand of environmentally
conscious consumers. Green movement enables firms to gain competitive advantages, improve ecological
performance, reduce operational costs, and enhance corporate image. However, the pressure to adopt
environmental management practices in the food service sector is insignificant compared to the manufacturing
sector in Malaysia. This disparity is evident despite of the fast growing number of restaurants and widespread
habit of eating out, which bring with it an increasingly detrimental environmental impact. Currently, there is
limited existing research on the demand for green practices within the food service sector from the consumers’
perspectives in Malaysia. This paper reviews the conceptual and empirical literatures and proposes a conceptual
framework to examine how attitudes and pro-environmental behaviours influence consumers’ intention towards
patronising green restaurants. In addition, the theoretical and practical implications are also put forward.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.