What Competencies Should Directors Possess? Malaysia Perspective

  •  Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff    
  •  Anona Amrstrong    


Directors’ competencies are seeing to be of importance to corporate governance. As this issue has not yet being
studied extensively in Malaysia, this study determines the key competencies of Malaysian company’s directors
using qualitative approach involving two stages of Delphi Technique. In the first stage all information
pertaining to directors’ competences in the literature had been reviewed. In the second stage, the key
competencies identified in stage one were the criteria for developing a semi structured questionnaire. Participants
were asked to rank the competencies in term of their importance for directors’ performance. Based on personel
interviews with 41 participants eight types of competencies were found to be essential for Malaysian companies’
directors. Financial competencies received the highest responses, followed by corporate planning, business
forecasting, legal, risk management, marketing, human resource and international business. This paper provides
important evidence to support the conclusions drawn from the study about the importance of relevant directors’
competencies for board and corporate effectiveness.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.