Business Process Reengineering: Strategic Tool for Managing Organizational Change an Application in a Multinational Company

  •  Asli Goksoy    
  •  Beliz Ozsoy    
  •  Ozalp Vayvay    


Increased competition and globalization compels most organizations to become innovative and adopt change
approaches. Business Process Reengineering is one of the most popular change management approaches that can
bring incredible solutions to corporations. BPR has arisen as a solution for companies to improve their
performances; elevate their efficiencies and gain a competitive advantage in this everlastingly developing and
changing world. Even though there have been successful and unsuccessful cases stated in the literature, BPR has
been touted as a vital management tool in order to achieve dramatic improvements and organizational
competitiveness, if it is implemented properly and carefully. In this context; with this study, we analyze Business
Process Reengineering as today’s prominent management trend for organizational change, examine an
reengineering project that has been undertaken in a multinational electronics and electrical equipment company,
make suggestions for the areas that can be improved, and finally present survey results of employees` point of
view regarding this project in their company.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.