Sector-Wise Stock Return Analysis: An Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange in Bangladesh

  •  Mostofa Mahmud Hasan    


This paper aims at identifying sector-wise return characteristics of selected stocks of Dhaka Stock Exchange.
Here, 48 months return data of 126 stocks listed in the DSE have been used. The stocks have been divided in 10
different sectors and found individual sector’s return and risk. Considering monthly return and risk analysis,
stocks in the Garments Sector generated the highest return during this period. Stocks in the Banking and
Insurance sectors also achieved higher return. Stocks of these two industries also have lower degree of risk
compared to those of garments sector. Considering the risk – return trade off, I found Banking Sector is the best
place to invest. Negative return in the food & allied and service sectors was found. Macro economic factors’
impact on those selected industry return, following multi factor stock return analysis proposed in the Arbitrage
Pricing Theory have also been tested. Out of the 10 sectors, used in this paper, only return of the banking sector
is significantly influenced by the macro economic condition.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.