Organizational Bullying and Women Stress in Workplace

  •  Aryan Gholipour    
  •  Seyede Setare Sanjari    
  •  Mahdieh Bod    
  •  Samira Fakheri Kozekanan    


Purpose: Women in the various governmental and private organizations are significantly enhanced in recent
years and have got the specific role in the knowledge based economy as productive human resource. The
attendance of women in society is dominantly effective when the vital circumstances are provided for their
presence. One of the obstructions in women’s path is the organizational bullying which expose stress to women
and disturb their mental and physical tranquility. The purpose of this paper is to review the relationship of
organizational bullying and stress.
Methodology: sample comprises the women clerks in Tehran University and 285 individuals are considered as
sample. For data gathering, we chose questionnaire by 5 choices Likert scale with 25 questions for
organizational bullying and 25 ones for stress. Also, we analyzed the data by the method of factor analysis and
spearman correlation.
Findings: The findings depicted the dominance of recognizing the stressful factors in workplace and proposing
some tricks to deteriorate them.
Conclusion: The results illustrate that relationship between the bullying and stress in significant. It sounds that
some factors such as unawareness of women of their rights, unawareness of an accurate definitions of bullying,
unfamiliarity with its elements and neglecting them in the workplaces and finally, approval of masculinity have
entails in emergence of the passive position from women in this regard.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.