Financial Sector Reforms in Nigeria: Issues and Challenges

  •  Kanayo Ogujiuba    
  •  Michael Emeka Obiechina    


One of the most challenging debates of modern history is whether financial development causes economic
growth or a consequence of economic activity. There are on-going reforms in the sector in Nigeria, thus the
importance of a review of the various reforms. Evidence as to whether and how reforms are remedying the
traditional weaknesses of the Financial Sector is so far limited in Nigeria. Ongoing reforms to improve banks’
corporate governance and internal systems suggest that the prospects for the financial sector to perform
profitably and prudently, while reducing volatility in the system exist. The paper adopts an empirical review
approach for its analysis. Paper suggests therefore, that the present reforms be reviewed and sustained in an
orderly manner, for appropriate channeling of resources for investment and productive purposes. Efforts should
be concentrated on the linkages of the sector with macro accounts and where financial development appears to
have been the weakest. Furthermore, advancement of the financial sector vis-à-vis instruments should be the
primary focus for the authorities. A counterfactual feedback mechanism should also be integrated within the
financial sector for an appropriate signaling for the economic productive base.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.