Are Nigeria SMEs Effectively Utilizing ICT?

  •  Idisemi Apulu    
  •  Emmanuel O. Ige    


This paper investigates reasons for the non-utilization of ICT by SMEs in Nigeria using a survey of 180 SMEs.
The results of the study indicates that majority of Nigeria SMEs utilizes basic ICT such as word processing,
fixed landlines, printers and fax machines but rarely use the computer for advance functions such as business
analysis, planning and decision making. However, there are key factors that inhibit these SMEs from effectively
utilizing ICT in their various businesses. The survey suggests that electricity and infrastructural inadequacies are
the most prevalent factors for non-utilization of ICT amongst SMEs in the region. The overall study is relevant
to SMEs in general; policy makers and stakeholders in creating initiatives that will assist in the development of
these SMEs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.