Predicting Consumers’ Behavioral Intentions with Perceptions of Brand Personality: A Study in Cell Phone Markets

  •  Murat Akin    


Although there are many factors affecting the attitude and intention of the consumer, it could be said that
personality is the most important among them. Differentiating the products, which are getting more similar today,
becomes more difficult for the firms. In differentiating the products emotional factors come to the forefront. If
the characteristics of the product are subjective and difficult to evaluate, consumers start to trust brand
personality. The importance of brand personality is increasing nowadays. The reason is that brand personality
increases the trust and loyalty of the consumers for the brand by affecting costumers’ preferences and uses.
Pragmatic and personality factors have determinative effects on the formation of consumers’ attitude toward
product and brand. In this study, it is examined whether the perceptions of costumers about brand personality of
cell phones affect their behavioral intention, or not. The answers of the 390 respondents, to whom questionnaires
are applied with judgment sample method, are identified by brand personality scale adapted for Turkey by Aksoy
and Özsomer because of cultural differences. A four dimensional structure is constructed in the study as Aksoy
and Özsomer indicated in their work. The study shows that the dimensions of competency and excitement have
higher impact on behavioral intention than the dimensions of traditionalist and androgen. The characterization of
a technological product such as cell phone as competent proves that the global firms operate in this sector are in
the right direction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.