The Measurement of Entrepreneurial Personality and Business Performance in Terengganu Creative Industry

  •  Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim    
  •  Shaladin Muda    
  •  Wan Abd Aziz Wan Mohd Amin    


As the Terengganu creative industry grows from the producing sector into more complexes in industrialization,
entrepreneurship will draw more attention to the need for emphasizing on creative industry. There is a vast of
view to measure the factors which are affected to the growth of business performance. Thus, entrepreneurial
personality becomes as a variable which have a relationship to the business performance in Terengganu creative
industry. Malaysia Handicraft Development (Kraftangan Malaysia) is a government agency that taken
responsibility to assists creative entrepreneurs in developing entrepreneurial characteristic and improving the
business performance. According to previous literatures, several factors of entrepreneurial personality are
strongly contributed to the performance of small and medium business in creative industry, such as; need for
achievement, locus of control, creativity, innovative and also strategy to grab market opportunities. Therefore,
the purpose of this paper is to measure the relationship of entrepreneurial personalities and business performance
among Terengganu creative entrepreneurs who are engaged with the Kraftangan Malaysia, as well as in
Terengganu branch. The output reveals that the result of this study is statistically significant with moderate
correlation in a relationship of entrepreneurial personality and business performance. However, the partial
correlation reveals that the moderating of government initiative is slightly lower correlated toward the relation of
entrepreneurial personality and business performance. Finally, this study implicated two matters that should be
concerned by Terengganu creative entrepreneurs once to become as a satisfaction creative entrepreneurship,
there are; desire to transform the conventional thinking into a new paradigm, and; attempt to change the culture
of life.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.