Pro-environmental Concern Influencing Green Buying: A Study on Indian Consumers

  •  Ishaswini none    
  •  Saroj Kumar Datta    


Objectives – The main objectives of the study are to determine the consumers’ pro-environmental concerns,
knowledge of environmental issues, awareness of eco-friendly products, and to make recommendations based on
the findings about their “Green Buying” behaviour in Indian context. Research suggests that consumers who are
highly involved and concerned with the environmental issues prefer to buy eco- friendly products and are willing
to pay a higher price for such products. This study investigates if pro-environmental concerns among consumers
in India are predictive of their any green buying behaviour.
Methodology – Data for this study was collected from a highly educated sample of 200 respondents using a
structured questionnaire. The questionnaire contains questions to measure general consumers’ environmental
concern, awareness of eco-friendly products, trust in performance of eco-friendly products and green buying
behaviour. Descriptive statistics, factor analysis and correlation techniques were used to analyze the findings of
this study.
Results – The results indicate that consumers’ pro-environmental concerns significantly affect their green buying
behaviour. Also, consumers are willing to buy eco-friendly products but not many are willing to pay a higher
price for such products. The survey findings disclose that consumers’ awareness towards eco-friendly products
and their environmental concern impacts their green buying behaviour.
Conclusions – While environmental concerns could emerge as one of the powerful drivers that influence
purchase, it has actually not resulted in the ability to command a sustainable premium: consumers are willing to
buy eco-friendly products, but not pay the higher price. Increased consumer demand will help reduce costs in
production of eco-friendly products. Awareness among consumers that their buying choices can make a
difference to the environment should be promoted to accelerate the consumption of eco-friendly products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.