Regional Development with Cooperative Marketing Strategy: A Case of Cukurova Region, Turkey

  •  Murat Ismet HASEKI    


In the globalized world, trade barriers between regions and countries are almost non-existent. The disadvantaged
regions are negatively influenced from this situation. Therefore, the sources of regions have to be marketed. In
the globalized markets, marketing gains particular importance in offering regional resources to in such a way that
they can yield value-added and contribute to the development of the region. When the subject of marketing
concerns a region, it is imperative to establish cooperation and harmony among the regional dynamics. Thus, the
aim of this study is to illustrate how to increase the competitiveness of Cukurova Region of Turkey with the
cooperation of the local dynamics. Based on the analyses of the secondary data obtained from the region, some
findings will be determined on the subjects of harmony and cooperation between regional development and
cooperative marketing in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.