Relationship of Job Burnout and Type A Behaviour on Psychological Health among Secretaries

  •  Sheeba Khan    


The present study examines the relationship of Job burnout and Type A behaviour with Psychological health. The
data was collected through three self-report questionnaires distributed among the Secretaries working in
corporate offices. The questionnaires used in the study are Job Burnout Inventory, Behaviour Activity Profile –
Type A Measure of Personality and the Cornell Medical Index Health Questionnaire (CMIHQ). Data was
analyzed by correlation coefficient and stepwise multiple regression. The obtained results revealed that Anger
have been found significantly related with Personal accomplishment and Overall job burnout. Tension was found
positively and significantly related with Impatience, Job involvement and Type A behaviour. Overall job burnout
emerged as a significant predictor of Anger. Emotional exhaustion and Depersonalization emerged as the
significant predictors of Tension.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.