Motivational and Legal Barriers of Entrepreneurship Development

  •  Khaled Nawaser    
  •  Seyed Mohammad Khaksar    
  •  Fatemeh Shaksian    
  •  Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi    


Nowadays, entrepreneurship is considered as an effective strategy and a milestone in multi-lateral development of
countries. Preparing backgrounds for developing entrepreneurship requires presenting entrepreneurial teachings
and skills on one hand and necessitates understanding and removing its obstacles and challenges as well as
establishing appropriate backgrounds for developing entrepreneurial trade on the other hand. In this paper, the
viewpoints of those researchers who had participated in National Conference on Entrepreneurship Management
and Regional Development (Ilam University, 2009) had been analyzed and interpreted in comparison with legal
and motivational obstacles and barriers effective on the development of entrepreneurship by making use of survey
method and questionnaire as well. The results show that according to the researchers’ viewpoint, the legal and
motivational factors had terminated the development of entrepreneurship in Iran. Moreover, financial risk factor
and the fear aroused from inability in management of the business were the first and last factors among
motivational factors. In addition, the bank regulations and laws factor (banking interest rate, the required
documents and conditions for receiving banking facilities) and the environmental rules and regulations were the
first and last legal factors effective and influential in the failure of entrepreneurship development in Iran. Generally,
entrepreneurship researchers are of opinion that the motivational factors are more important than legal factors in
the failure of entrepreneurship development in Iran.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.