The Level of Using the Technological Innovations of Enterprises and R&D Activities: The Case of Iron-Steel Enterprises in Turkey

  •  Mehmet Karahan    
  •  Izzettin Ulusoy    


The main goal of this study is to get information about the R&D process and technical innovations of the iron-steel enterprises and to determine to the ways to improve their current status. This study focuses on 49 SMEs enterprises chosen at random, which are among the total 74 enterprises in Iskenderun. The results of this study are that the middle scale enterprises in the sector have been working for domestic/abroad for a long time and that they are present in R&D studies and innovations in order to protect their market shares and their rivalries and that they give importance to produce in a certain level of standard and quality. 10 out of 49 enterprises in the region have R&D unit and there are very few workers in these units, therefore it has been interpreted that the enterprises are insufficient in R&D.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.