The Diffusion of Employment Flexibility in Nigeria’s Banking Industry: Its Nature, Extent and Causes

  •  Ifedapo Adeleye    


The increasing globalization of the world economy in recent years has triggered debates on whether and to what
extent organizations in non-Western countries will embrace Western-style HRM practices. In particular, the issue
of employment flexibility has received considerable attention. This paper explores the level of diffusion of
employment flexibility in the Nigerian banking industry, analyzing whether the organization of employment in
the three locally-owned case study organizations is becoming more or less flexible, why and how. The results
from this study indicate that there are different levels of diffusion of employment flexibility across the banks, with
different patterns as well in the types of jobs with atypical employment contracts. These variations can be
explained by differences in the strategic priorities of each of the firms, as well as the uneven impact of powerful
pressures exerted by various institutional actors.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.