An Integrative Framework for Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Pakistan

  •  Saqib Ilyas    
  •  Muhammad. Farooq Hussain    
  •  Muhammad Usman    


Religion and culture have being influencing in recent research but its impact on the consumer purchase behavior is
still to explore. The paper aims to explore the effect of religiosity and culture on the consumer purchase behavior
by comparing the male and female students from different universities in Pakistan. The paper is valuable for both
the academics and marketers who wish to understand the role of religion in culturally determined consumer
behavior. A questionnaire measuring Islamic religiosity, consumer purchase behavior and its cultural influence
was administered in graduate level students of universities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Total 315 respondents
were contacted, out of which 300 gave full filled questionnaires and the rest were incomplete and were ignored.
The research found out that there is a significant impact of culture with the consumer behavior where as the
religion is having a significant impact on the culture. The research is limited to the university students and it can be
empirically tested by taking general public and with a better sample size. This research with give benefit to those
marketers who ignore the impact of culture in determining the consumer purchase behavior.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.