Optimization Models for Operations and Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines Based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research: A Systematic Literature Review

  •  Eric Lucas dos Santos Cabral    
  •  Mario Orestes Aguirre Gonzalez    
  •  Priscila da Cunha Jacome Vidal    
  •  Joao Florencio da Costa Junior    
  •  Rafael Monteiro de Vasconcelos    
  •  David Cassimiro de Melo    
  •  Ruan Lucas Leite de Morais    
  •  Joao Agra Neto    


Maintenance of offshore wind turbines is critical for expanding wind energy production, yet it presents significant challenges due to harsh operational conditions. This issue, discussed extensively in Operations and Maintenance (O&M) periodicals, can hinder the economic viability of wind energy. With European and emerging markets planning large-scale wind energy production, optimizing installation and maintenance resources is crucial. Our research focuses on numerical techniques to inform maintenance strategies and decisions, addressing key discussion areas. Our methodology involves a systematic literature review of 122 scientific works, with descriptive and content analyses revealing insights into maintenance planning. Quantitative techniques, while studied separately, can enhance understanding of technical aspects in maintenance decision-making, provided their limitations are addressed. The research underscores the importance of considering various factors in offshore wind farm maintenance planning to align with planner objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.