A Review on the New Normal, Employee Wellbeing and the Role of HRM: A Tale of HR among the New Normal for the Employee Wellbeing

  •  Kiconco Yvonne    
  •  ShiMei Jiang    


The sudden change in scenarios due to the COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected people’s financial situations but also their health and wellbeing. Psychological, physical discomfort along with on and off work schedules have led to stress for both the employer and employee. Gearing pressure of competition to survive in the dying economy has led to a path for the ‘New Normal’ where the current situation has been accepted as Normal with new adaptations. Employees, risking their lives and leaving the so-called comfort of their homes have had to step out to join the office while others have turned their homes into offices so as to work from home. They are at high risk of infection and stressed with the changed working scenario. The most challenging phase for the employers is the well-being of their employees for the continuous and timely work progress. The Role of HR has become the most crucial factor during this pandemic. Dealing with the employees and getting the work done with the limited resources in the crisis is the most challenging task. The present paper studies the three terms- 'New Normal', 'Employee Wellbeing' and 'Role of HR' within linked perspective and provides insight based on the various researches done in this field. It has been found that employee well-being is a well-talked topic and it has been a great concern for all the HR executives for a long time. Well- being of the employee ensures mutual gain for the employee and the organization both.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.