The Use of Narrative Resources in a Career-counselling Course

  •  Athanasios Verdis    
  •  Spyros Kokkotas    
  •  Lisa Dorli    


In this paper, we analyse the communication codes in two consecutive meetings of a postgraduate class on career counselling held at the Department of Philosophy-Pedagogy-Psychology of the University of Athens in winter semester of 2017. The basic idea in these meetings was to discuss real-world situations with the help of a teaching framework and short films produced within the context of a European project, called ‘Narrative Resources for Socio-Professional Inclusion’ (NARSPI). The dialogs that followed the presentations were analysed with the help a sociolinguistic framework known as ‘Legitimation Code Theory’ (LCT). The analysis showed that the verbal communication moved from the particularities of the videotaped stories to discipline-specific vocabularies. According to LCT proponents, such moves in the use of language create wavelike forms of communication codes based on different levels of semantic gravity and semantic density. Such ‘sematic waves’ allow new ideas to be integrated into existing ideas and finally legitimise membership and scholarship in an academic field.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.