Establishment of the Deep-sea Soft Sediments Shearing Strength-Shearing Displacement Model

  •  Hongyun Wu    
  •  Jiangsan He    
  •  Xinming Chen    
  •  Yuqing Gao    
  •  Shaojun Liu    


The shearing strength-shearing displacement model of deep-sea soft sediments is very important to predict the traction and slip ratio of nodule collector, and optimize the running mechanism of nodule collector. According to the physical mechanics characters of the deep-sea soft sediments, the 400 sodium molybdate swell soils are selected as the preparation materials of the deep-sea soft sediments, and the demixion preparation method is adopted to simulate the deep-sea soft sediments in the lab, and the shearing test of the rectangle board of 20×50 cm under different grounding pressures is completed in the soil slot. The test result shows that the simulated deep-sea soft sediments have the representative shearing strength-shearing displacement character of brittle soils. Three shearing strength-shearing displacement models of brittle soils are analyzed in the article, and the shearing strength-shearing displacement model being the same with the deep-sea soft sediments based on maximum shearing strength, residual shearing strength, and elastic modules is established, which can offer theoretical support for the structure optimization of running track and the enhancement of the running performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.