An Empirical Study on Online Social Networks Sites Usage: Online Dating Sites Perspective

  •  Syed Alam    
  •  Paul Yeow    
  •  Huck Soo Loo    


Dating through Internet is providing incredibly useful features. When singles are looking for partners, internet
can provide effective and more enjoyable alternatives at a low searching cost. It also provides many new ways
and organized approach to mating ritual. This study identifies the attitudes of young adults towards online social
networks and online dating sites usage. Besides, this study also examines the different behavior between male
and female online daters. The results of this study show that most young adults have a Facebook ID. Only just
over ten per cent of them date online. One major finding is that females are searching their long term partners
through online dating sites, while the males are mainly interested in building casual relationships.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.