Correlates of Self-Rated Business Competencies

  •  Adrian Furnham    
  •  Angela Mansi    


Two studies that focussed on sex differences in self-rated management competencies are reported. In the first
study 197 working adults (125 female, 72 male) rated themselves on the nine competencies listed by Boyaztis
(1982). There were overall few significant sex differences. The ratings of the nine competencies factored in two
coherent factors. There were various individual difference predictors of the total competency rating and the two
factor scores. Older participants with higher Openness-to-Experience trait gave higher overall self-estimates. In
the second study 173 adults (108 female, 65 male) rated themselves on the 12 independent “super-competencies”
specified by Dulewicz (1999). Again there were few significant sex differences. Factor analysis revealed two
recognisable factors. Extraverts tended to give higher self-estimates than introverts. The results are discussed in
terms of the literature on self-assessed abilities and business competencies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.