An Optimized Supply Chain Planning Model for Manufacture Company Based on JIT

  •  Ruilin Guo    
  •  Qi Tang    


With an aim to resolve the problem of the increasing costs of supply chain in Manufacture Company, an integrated supply chain management model, driven by market demand, is brought forward in this paper, based on the analysis of existing integrated models of supply chain. The management model integrates purchase, production and sale plans with logistics plans used JIT. In order to build an integrated supply chain system which contains the inside management system and the outside supply chain system of manufacturing firm and a conceptual framework of integrated supply chain planning is also designed. This paper uses a three-stage integrated supply chain planning model to make supply chain plans, and a classification evaluation model is also suggested to analyze the feasibility of planning by comparing the planned cost with the anticipated cost. Research results indicate that this three-stage integrated supply chain planning model can optimize and reduce the costs of supply chain for manufacturing firms very well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.