Study on the Cross-Regional Urban Flexible Management Pattern: the Core Testing Zone of Shen-Fu New Town as the case

  •  Feng Han    
  •  Yachen Liu    


The study on the management pattern for the Shen-Fu new town built between Shenyang and Fushun is a problem in the field of urban management patterns, because as a cross-region new town, its policies and administration area are not uniform, so its management pattern is a big challenge. This paper summarizes the main innovations of urban management patterns and mechanism and the enlightenments for the cross-region urban management pattern, then analyzes the characteristics of overseas cross-region management patterns and the management pattern of domestic new towns. Based on the enlightenments, the paper brings forward the meaning and main content of flexible management pattern and builds the one of the core testing zone of Shenyang-fushun new town.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.