Managers Behaviors Trough Economic Crisis at Agro-Industries in Turkey: A Case Study in Sanliurfa Province

  •  Yusuf Çelik    
  •  Kenan Peker    
  •  Abdullah Karaman    
  •  Selcuk Burak Hasiloglu    


The statutes of understanding managers to the crisis factor affecting the firms’ activities, profits, and continuity and the way they were affected from the economic and political crisis occurred during the period of November 2000-February 2001 in agro industries in Sanliurfa province in Turkey were determined in this study. The study was carried out on a sample consisting 53 agro industries operated. According to the results, most of managers, 83.3%, evaluated the economic uncertainties and fluctuations defined as external crisis factors to their businesses ranked as first degree of importance. It is preferred to do with less stock in response to prevent the external crisis factors. Not perceiving the crisis early and thus not enough handling on crisis management, and the ability of not knowing the internal and external market environment defined as internal crisis factors were observed. A set of provisions such as signboard, motivation and educations personals against the internal crisis factors were determined. In addition, the crisis occurred affecting all businesses and resulting in lowering the ratios of operated capacities were obtained in Sanliurfa.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.