Needs Assessment of University Teachers for Professional Enhancement

  •  Muhammad Naeemullah Khan    
  •  Muhammad Sarwar    


The purpose of the Study was to explore the training needs for university teaching staff. The sample comprised
of randomly selected twenty percent teaching staff of ten selected universities, degree-awarding institutions from
public sector and forty percent teaching staff of ten selected universities from the private sector. A self
developed Questionnaire consisting of forty-one items to be responded on five-point Likert scale and two
open-ended questions were used to collect data. The analysis of the data revealed that university teachers need
the training in the following areas: Philosophy of Education, Islamic Philosophy of Education, Educational
psychology, Research techniques, Professional trends Professional competencies, Professional attitude,
Professional Ethics, Global innovations in teaching strategies, Classroom Management, Counselling and
Guidance, Student discipline, Communication skills, Learning Theories and Supervision. So it is recommended
that the areas mentioned above may be included in the training curriculum of university teachers.

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