Influence of Investment Experience and Demographic Factors on Retirement Planning Intention

  •  Tuan-Hock Ng    
  •  Woan-Ying Tay    
  •  Nya-Ling Tan    
  •  Ying-San Lim    


This paper analyses the effect of demographic factors and investment experience on retirement planning
intention. As noted in many discussions, issues surrounding retirement have emerged as one of the main topics in
public debate, mainly because the world population continues to age. The lost of regular income during the
golden years apparently becomes an obstacle for one to chase and realise his or her dream. Seemingly,
post-working life is a completely new experience and the adaptation to this new living style is challenging
especially with longer life expectancy. Recognising the importance of retirement planning, 300 structured
questionnaires were administered in April 2009. The final sample consists of 216 after the account for
non-replied questionnaires and the removal of incomplete data. Pertinently, Malaysia represents a unique
platform for this research due to its multiracial cultures. Overall, the results of this research show that
demographic characteristics affect behavioural intention, i.e. marital status, age, and income level. Investment
experience is another factor reported to have significantly affected retirement planning intention in this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.