A Survey of China's Pharmaceutical R & D Needs of the Pharmaceutical Technology Brokerage

  •  Liang Cao    
  •  Xiaoming Wu    


Objective: To understand the demands for pharmaceutical technology brokers in China and provide a theoretical
basis for its development.
Methods: Using the sampling method to survey university research organizations and pharmaceutical
associations which have pharmacy major. And 480 valid questionnaires have been analyzed.
Results: Most respondents agree the application and industrialization of pharmaceutical projects are
underdeveloped and pharmaceutical brokers are on a huge demand. They hope to form a standard pharmaceutical
broker management system.
Conclusion: The pharmaceutical industry and the community should have a correct understanding of
pharmaceutical brokers. Also it is proposed to strengthen its supervision, management, training, assessment and
to quickly cultivate a group of excellent professionals to fill up the market gap.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.