Banking Sector Growth in China: Can Six-Sigma Be a Solution?

  •  Lixia Wang    
  •  Iftikhar Hussain    


Banking industry in China is facing immense competition from local as well as foreign banks, customers choices
regarding banks are expanding. At present, banking is increasingly becoming a consumer-centric service provider.
Customers are becoming more quality conscious and are demanding new and qualitative products and services. Six
Sigma is a kind of quality enhancement strategy that can help a bank to win customers’ loyalty. However, Six
Sigma alone is not enough to meet the rapidly increasing competition, an alignment between Six Sigma and
knowledge management is essential. The study examines the gainful effects of the use of knowledge management
and also gives a critical analysis of the impact of six-sigma on banking performance and customer services. The
study examined that quality assurance practice, like Six Sigma along with knowledge management can be an
effective strategy for banking sector in China. Finally, the study proposed a model for banking sector to ensure
high quality products and services.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.