Infiltration of the Multicultural Awareness: Multinational Enterprise Strategy Management

  •  Chen, Ying-Chang    
  •  Wang, Wen Cheng    
  •  Chu, Ying Chien    


This study was to investigate the relationships between multicultural and management strategy issues.
Globalization is a development of interaction and mixing among the people, corporations, and governments of
different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment. In the present globalization economy
impact the cross-culture management issues are readily apparent in international joint ventures, and often feature
in examinations of joint ventures involving China in particular. As a marginal subject between enterprise study
and culture study, we know enterprise is a basic element to composing our social economic substantiality. It will
cause a serial of culture problem during the management process. This type of difficulty belongs to our study
subject of enterprise culture. Firstly, this article introduces the assumption of multi-culture management and
advances the methodology of the research and analysis of cultural influence on leadership style in McDonald;
then in this research and finding it makes an introduction and analysis of the McDonald’s corporation
development; meanwhile it put forwards strategy of the cross-culture management of the McDonald. In the
discussion of proposes different multi-culture management strategy according to the cultural clashes result from
difference. Lastly, the paper also studies the tendency of the McDonald multi-culture management behavior in
the Chinese market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.