Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on BtoB Relational Performance

  •  Jong-Keun Kim    


Recently, the influence of corporations has been increasing rapidly, and many types of stakeholders have become
involved. Thus, the role of the corporate ability of stakeholder management has become more important in the
overall performance of corporations. One of the most effective tools for managing various stakeholder groups is
corporate social responsibility (CSR). Previous CSR studies have focused on how CSR activities influence
relationships among corporations, customers, investors, and employees. The present study examines the effect of
CSR on the relationship between corporations and their counterparts such as suppliers and partners, among
others, which no study has explored. Thus, this study empirically examines the relationship between CSR
activities and BtoB transaction performance. The results suggest that corporations with excellent CSR activities
are likely to show better relationship performance in terms of satisfaction, relationship value, relationship
commitment, dependence, cooperation, and communication.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.