Customers’ Evaluation of the Quality of Insurance Services in Lagos, Nigeria

  •  Samson Ifejionu, Nwankwo    
  •  Stella Toyosi, Durowoju    


This paper aims at evaluating customers’ assessment of the quality of insurance services in Nigeria, with the
objective of finding how this can be used to boost the demand for insurance which is presently low in Nigeria.
Questionnaire was administered to wide spectrum of insurance customers who had insurance policies in Lagos
State, in order to gather information related to their perception of quality. Descriptive analysis such as
percentage and table presentations was used to analyze the collected data. The study revealed among other things
that prompt claim settlements is the most important factor considered by the customers of insurance companies
in Nigeria in their evaluation and measurement of quality of the policies they are holding. The study therefore
recommended that the culture of delay in premium payment or non-payment should be stopped and
organizations should look inward to see the reasons why the payment of premium is a problem.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.