An Analysis of Lean Management Procedures within Irish Motor Dealerships

  •  Clive Atkinson    
  •  Margaret Linehan    


There is a large volume of extant literature relating to lean management within the automobile manufacturing industry, but, there is very limited research on lean management within dealerships.  Furthermore, the relevance of lean management within the Irish motor industry is a relatively unexplored area. Due to a lack of information, many misconceptions and misunderstandings exist regarding lean management and its relevance to motor dealerships.
This paper explores the impact of lean management on Irish motor dealerships which have implemented lean procedures and explores the perceptions of dealerships which have not embarked on a lean management programme. The paper provides an analysis of lean management procedures from the perspective of senior managers working in franchised Audi and Volkswagen dealerships in Ireland.  Overall, the results of the study indicate that lean management procedures have a positive influence on dealerships, but, the importance of training and commitment for lean procedures to be successful should be emphasised.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.