Gender and Racial Differentials in the Nigerian Banking Industry

  •  Akindele Richard Iyiola    


The prime focus of this study is to evaluate gender cultures in the Nigerian Banking Industry. The objective of the
study is to identify gender cultural indices as to determine their impacts on employee’s performance. Major
findings of this research work include (1) it was revealed that gender cultures hinder performance of employees (at
the .05); and (2) Banks prefer to employ young ladies to married women. These young ladies were employed on
temporary basis and are laid off when they cannot meet their targets. Based on the findings, it was recommended
that banks should guide, monitor and discourage gender cultures from growing. Abilities should be rewarded
irrespective of sex. Conducive working atmosphere should also be created. It was concluded that gender cultures
have negative impact on performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.