Perceived Effects of MBA Degree on Skills Development and Career Advancement: The Case of Pakistan

  •  Ayesha Saba    
  •  Babak Mahmood    
  •  Aroosa Khalid    
  •  Sumaira Aslam    


This study was conducted to assess the effects of MBA degree on enhancement of skills and career advancement
in Pakistan .Business education is getting importance and growing day by day globally and for the sake of
assessing worthiness of this degree of business education (MBA) in developing economy of Pakistan 100
professionals( 75 MBA's and 25 others) were studied. Likewise study also focuses on some intervening variables
for instance stress management, effective communication, time management, interpersonal skills, self confidence,
and analytical skills. Study was conducted in banking industry by selecting people randomly from different
managerial ranks. Data were collected through a well designed and structured questionnaire and pre-testing was
carried out to examine the efficiency of the instrument. Descriptive and inferential statistical tools were applied
and analyses demonstrated that MBA degree has positive effect on career advancement because it sharpens
different skills of MBA's and it provides basis for better opportunities and MBA's have diversified skills so they
can act as worthy managers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.