Examining the Relationship of Work-Life Conflict and Employee Performance (A Case from NADRA Pakistan)

  •  Amjad Chaudhry    
  •  Muhammad Imran Malik    
  •  Iqbal Ahmad    


With the ever increasing requirements of the work, employees are likely to develop conflict between their work
and non-work activities. This paper investigates the relationship of employees’ work-life conflict with their
performance. A convenient sample of 103 respondents came from National Database and Registration Authority
(NADRA) for the study. The Pearson’s product moment correlation showed no association for the said
relationship. An inverse relationship was found working between age of the employees and work-life conflict
they experience. Moreover differences of work-life conflict and performance for some demographic variables
were measured by applying independent sample t test. The results of the study are compared to the available
relevant studies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.