A Comparative Analysis of the Factors Determining Motivational Level of Employees Working in Commercial Banks in Kohat, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

  •  Kaleem Ullah Khan    
  •  Syed Umar Farooq    
  •  Zilakat Khan    


The aim of designing present study was to analyze the role of reward that plays in motivating employees of
commercial banks of Kohat, Pakistan. Specifically present study aims to analyzed the variance explained by
predictor variables (payment, promotion, benefits and recognition) in criterion variable (Employee motivation). A
hypothesis was developed for the present study and was tested by applying Multiple regressions. The sample
group (N= 167) consisted of male and female employees of the commercial banks of Kohat, Pakistan. Data was
collected through Questionnaire. Questionnaire comprises two parts. First part of the Questionnaire comprises of
questions seeking Biographical data of the respondents and the second part comprises five variables, four predictor
variables and one criterion variable. Content of the second part of questionnaire was adopted for use developed by
(De Beer, 1987). The results of the study indicated that 71% variance is explained by predictor variables in
employee work motivation of commercial banks’ employees of Kohat. The results also showed that promotion
among four independent variables has greater effect in explaining variance in employee work motivation of
targeted subjects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.