Comparative Analysis of Agriculture Industrialization: Hebei Province and Shandong Province

  •  Yanfang Wang    
  •  Shuqiang Zhang    


Hebei Province and Shandong Province are the neighbors with many common points as well as different points.
Both of them are the big agricultural provinces and make lots of measures to push the agriculture
industrialization which is seemed as the matchmaker of farmers and markets and can push the industrial
restructuring in rural area and can improve the income of farmers. However after years of development there is a
wide difference between the two Provinces in the field of agriculture industrialization. This paper is going to
make a comparative analysis of agriculture industrialization between the two provinces. Then try to find the
weakness of agriculture industrialization in Hebei Province and finally find the policies to narrow the difference
and push the agriculture industrialization in Hebei Province.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.