Impact of Resource Based View and Resource Dependence Theory on Strategic Decision Making

  •  Ali Raza Nemati    
  •  Afkar Majeed Bhatti    
  •  Muhammad Maqsal    
  •  Immad Mansoor    
  •  Fariha Naveed    


This paper aims to investigate different factors determining strategic Decision making. This study attempts to
identify the role of RBV and RDT and its impact on strategic Decision making. It has been seen that different
strategies has to be made to get competitive advantage keeping in mind external resources and while strategies
differ when to get competitive advantage through internal resources such as Human resource and capital
Resource. In this research heuristics and bounded rationality acted as moderator to strategic decision making as
when decision makers (managers take decisions personal biases and heuristics also get involved.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.