An Analysis of Push and Pull Travel Motivations of Foreign Tourists to Jordan

  •  Bashar Aref Mohammad Al-Haj Mohammad    
  •  Ahmad Puad Mat Som    


The importance of outbound market to a destination country has drawn scholars’ interests in understanding
tourists’ motivation to travel overseas. The success of marketing destinations should be guided by a thorough
analysis of tourist motivation, and for this reason, this study adopts a model based on push and pull factors as the
conceptual framework. As little information has been documented about travel motivations to Jordan, this study
attempts to identify motivation factors of foreign tourists to the country as different tourist markets demonstrate
different domains of behavior. This may have important marketing implications to the country especially in
terms of examination of motives in segmenting markets, designing promotional programs and decision making
about destination development.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.