Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) in Jordanian Hotels

  •  Ikhlas I. Altarawneh    
  •  Jehad S. Aldehayyat    


This paper examines the adoption of strategic HRM in Jordanian hotels and explores the relationships
between certain organizational characteristics - size, ownership, classification - and the adoption of SHRM in
these hotels.
A self-administered questionnaire was used to capture data from HR/personnel managers in hotels operating
within the two most important tourist areas of Jordan (Petra and Aqaba).
The main findings of this study are: HRM in Jordanian hotels is characterized to some extent by some of the
components of the SHRM approach except for: line management partnerships; corporate culture relationships
and cost effectiveness evaluation. The findings demonstrate a strong statistical association between SHRM
adoption and organizational size.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.